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Things You Need to Know Before Having an MFF Threesome

The experience you'll get from a threesome is out of this world. Most persons see it as a privilege to experiment and derive additional sexual benefit from the other two parties. After all, what's sex if you aren't eating the honey and cream? This sex serenade (threesome) can be challenging, especially for individuals already in a relationship. Read more>>

Couple Looking For Unicorn

Why is Unicorn Hunting So Hard?

Unicorn women are named after a mythical creature that is equally hard to find. If you are the couple looking for a third to join your relationship, the task may be even over before you start it. You have conditions or criteria that your unicorn must meet, unrealistically impossible in many cases. Read more>>

What Percentage of Women are Bisexual?

When sociologists do research, they often come across a slight problem when gathering certain data. This isn't just exclusive to social sciences, of course. Although social sciences are known to be slightly harder to quantify than natural sciences. Let's take a topic such as sexuality. How can one quantify sexuality? How do you measure a person's sexual tendencies? Read more>>

Polyamorous Dating

Health and Safety in Polyamorous Dating

In a world where love knows no bounds and relationships are as unique as the individuals in them, polyamorous dating has emerged as a vibrant tapestry of connections. Particularly in the realm of MFF (Male-Female-Female) relationships, a beautiful complexity unfolds, weaving together the lives and hearts of those involved. Yet, as with any form of relationship, the threads of health and safety are crucial to maintaining the strength and harmony of this intricate fabric. Read more>>