Things You Need to Know Before Having an MFF Threesome

The experience you'll get from a threesome is out of this world. Most persons see it as a privilege to experiment and derive additional sexual benefit from the other two parties. After all, what's sex if you aren't eating the honey and cream? This sex serenade (threesome) can be challenging, especially for individuals already in a relationship. Therefore, before you get into the MFF "Male Female Female" kind of threesome, you should consider a few relevant things. The aim of this article is to create a helpful list of everything you should know before signing up for an MFF threesome.

Why MFF Threesome?

Usually, people conceive it in their mind that sex is meant for two persons, which is commonly a bisexual man and a bisexual woman. So, where does the third person come, and it all emanated to the threesome? In a threesome relationship which couple looking for a third female. The third female is identified as a "unicorn." Unicorn is not a sexual word, but in this case, it is used to describe the third sex partner whose goal is to lighten up the moments. The purpose of MFF is to explore unending sexual experiences and bring the f*cking impossibility to reality.

So, in no particular order, the list includes:

Dealing with competition

When three parties are involved in a sex adventure, odd behavior is most expected. Here, the behavior is triggered by the sense of competition between the subject parties. Naturally, human beings don't like competition – see it as fingers pointed to one person and label him a loser.

During an MFF threesome agreement, it is imperative to understand competition and deal with it. If one of the parties focuses more love and emotions on another immeasurably, then jealousy sets in. The men in the circle may want to impress the female differently. For instance, how long a particular man can keep f*cking the woman until orgasm. Knowing how to deal with competition in a threesome arrangement is a superpower.

Define the relationship

Depending on the intentions of the parties involved, especially if they are couples. There needs to be clarity on the stance of the relationship. When the threesome involves an MFF, it's most likely a swing, and if not coordinated well, the third might want more. As much as you want to explore hot & thrilling sex, keep it defined. Let each parties know their place; else, you should prepare for the worse.

For example, if you are a couple, set things straight with the third – what exactly do you want from him? Is it a one-night stand or a long-term sex relationship? Know that you can have a long-term sex relationship without strings attached. Don't just state this; you should have the third agree to it as well. 

 Seek consent from all parties

Another thing you need to consider before you jump into an MFF threesome is seeking consent from all parties involved. Threesome doesn't just happen from the blues, no - there is usually an initiator. Hence, it is the role of the initiator to seek permission at the first stage. As much as permission seeking is essential at the first stage, it is crucial to carry on with the fantasy.

A threesome is not a selfish act of sex; it is a couple-centric choice. So, if you are not sure a single action would annoy others, discard it. And if you must do it, ask for consent from your partners – and with this, you won't kill the mood and entire experience. 

Medical & sexual check-up

As much as you want to satisfy your sexual thirst and explore the untapped wonders of sex land, don't elude the basic things you ought to do. Before you engage in an MFF threesome, do a regular sexual check-up even if you feel nervous about it. A sexual health check may involve a one-off test (commonly a sugar or urine test), and the test may be accompanied by a bit of chit-chat between you and the medical personnel.

The fact is, it can be done at any convenient time even before the threesome arrangement begins.

Avoid bringing a third sex partner who hasn't provided evidence of his health status. Ensure the third person has actively done an STD test – with this, safe sex without fear of transmitted disease is assured.   

Mode of penetration

The people involved in an MFF threesome might be a combination of individuals with unique sex thoughts and beliefs. In today’s world, there are a lot of myths regarding sexual activity; one may consider sex to be the act where a penis penetrates a vagina. In contrast, others may think that foreplay, blowjob makes up sex too.

Before you begin an MFF threesome, it's relevant that you put into perspective how the penetration mode would be. Whether vaginal, oral, or anal, try to minimize discomfort, which is the responsibility of all parties involved. However, minor discomfort is common during penetration, but it shouldn't result in severe pain. 

Use a Condom

Another realistic thing to consider before engaging in an MFF threesome is using a condom. There are different types of condoms, and there is one suitable for men only and another for just women. It's a good practice to use condoms every time you have threesome sex to protect yourself from sexually transmitted disease (STD). Condoms as a sex protection kit are quite pocket-friendly and super convenient to use. Ideally, you don't need a doctor's prescription paper or government-owned ID to buy a condom.

Not all threesome partners love to have sex with a condom. Some claim that condoms influence the actual emotion and pleasure during sex (Well, this is a personal belief, and no study or research has proven it to be a valid augment). The truth is. A condom allows you to focus on pleasure and less worry about pregnancy or contracting STDs. Don't lose a lot for a 20 minutes pleasure that's redeemable after proper planning – use a condom!